This course is designed for advanced Excel C&B/HR professionals. At this hands-on workshop, participants will learn the skills to expedite daily C&B/HR analysis and reduce repetitive operational tasks. This workshop will cover:
  • Programming theories including variables, procedures, logical operations, looping, array and more.
  • Excel operation skills including VBA recording, excel objects and references, cell and file operations, interface, inputs and graphs.
  • Applying VBA skills to a case work and coding samples.

Course Content
Day 1:
  • Excel VBA (Macro) Introduction: Basic understanding for VBA and how can VBA benefit your C&B work
  • Get Started with Excel VBA Programming: Developer Ribbon, Macro Security, Recording/ Examining/ Modifying Macro
  • Programming Concepts
  • Variable, Procedure, Operators: Declaring variable, understanding procedures, VBA operators
  • Excel Objects: Understanding Excel Objects, object references, object method and properties
  • Controlling Execution, Loops: If-Then-Else, Select-Case, For-Next/ Do-While Loop
  • File Operation: Manipulate multiple excel files with macro
  • Case Study
  • Day 2:
  • Programming Concepts
  • Array: Handle long data chain, such as employee ID, name, … etc effectively
  • Communication and Seeking Input: Create interaction between user and macro
  • Event Triggering: Perform specific actions when a certain condition is met
  • Debugging Technique and Error Handling: Debugging techniques for writing macro efficiently
  • Mail Merge: Handling mass-mail with ease
  • Case Study
  • Key Take-away
    • Master VBA programming skills to automate frequently performed tasks like monthly report.
    • Combine multiple actions into your own short-cut keys
    • Create your own functions tailored to the needs of your C&B team.
    • A versatile tool which can complete complex task