In the era of big data, Excel is one of the key tools for different types of analysis. Without the skillset to master it, you may end up spending extra hours doing manual calculations. This workshop will provide participants new skills to harness the power of Excel.
  • Compile and analyze C&B market data from multiple sources
  • Generate reports using pivot table
  • C&B casework
  • Secret Excel shortcuts used by consultants
Participants will also learn C&B-specific Excel skills, including statistical formulas, formulas for pay increase budgeting, benchmarking, salary structuring, and many more! Specially crafted C&B-related case studies provided will help participants apply the skills learnt immediately.

Course Content
Day 1:
Intermediate Level
The Excel Interface: Working with multiple windows, quick access toolbar, hidden short cut keys
Sorting & Filtering: Advanced filters
Statistic Formulas: Cell Reference, Min, Max, Median, Average, Percentile
Text Functions: Text Formatting, extraction & combinations, remove duplicate
Dynamic Lookup Operations: Hlookup, Vlookup. Match, Index
Formatting: Custom and conditional formatting
Case Study 1: Data benchmarking, Market index/compa - ratio computation
Day 2:
Advanced Level
Advanced Functions: Nested IF, COUNTIFS, SUMIFS, AVERAGEIFS, Validation
RegressionGraphic approach to regression and types of trend lines, Regression using formulas
Charts: Salary structure, candle sticks
Pivot Table & Array Formula: Generation of statistical summary with specific conditions
Case Study 2: Technical cost computation, Review of salary structure and related chart plotting
Key Take-away
  • Compile and analyze C&B market data from multiple sources
  • Determine salary mid-point by data regression, minimum and maximum of salary ranges and pay adjustment
  • Generate reports using pivot table and graphs
  • C&B casework: Salary structure review, chart analysis and technical cost calculation
  • Secret Excel shortcuts used by consultants
Let Our Clients Speak
“Frankly speaking, this workshop is one of the BEST that I have ever attended. It is practical and most importantly enhance our skills in terms of carrying out the daily activities. Immediately, I have put into practice, apply the skills and share with my colleagues just a moment ago. I am truly enjoying the workshop and would definitely recommend it to my colleagues to join the next session. Taking this opportunity, I would like to extend my special thanks to the trainers and consultants who have been very dedicated and helpful throughout the workshop. It is a fantastic training”
HR Manager
Multinational Technology Company
“The session was very useful as the materials were developed and taught from a C&B perspective. The trainers ran through the basic concept before giving us the opportunity to try the formula ourselves using sample data which were modelled to what a C&B practitioner will deal with. The trainer was insightful and provided many practical tips and tricks of excel. Furthermore, there were many assistant trainers around to provide additional focused assistance whenever needed. Overall, a very positive experience.”
Specialist, Compensation & Benefits
Reputable Technology Company
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